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Behavioural Challenge Sessions
Coconut blue works with a team of experienced
consultants who lead the sessions. The main purpose of the challenge sessions
is to “challenge” leaders in what they think the current safe(ty) culture looks
like, how employees perceive it and what potential gaps in the desired and
optimal safe(ty) culture are. We use different instruments like games, surveys,
brainstorming and key note speeches. We have a variety of experts in our
network who can also be very thought provoking.

Culture can be measured. And measuring is a first step to understanding your organisational behaviours, attitudes and beliefs.
Our Safety Culture Analysis & Risk Assessment uses scientifically proven culture measurements and combines both national culture and organisational culture.
This allows you to focus and improve of what is really important for you.

Otemba is a Japanese word for a spirited child, or a child that doesn’t always follow the rules. The word "Otemba" is again derived from the Dutch "ontembaar" or "untameable".  And that’s precisely the challenge of human factors in safety management: 
How to tame the human mind.

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