Behavioural Challenge Sessions

Your challenges are:​​​​​​​

If your safety performance is substandard or it your safety performance is excellent but you have a feeling of unease, you want to challenge yourself because you might be overlooking something. 

 It’s always good to be critical as an organization.
Every now and then it is good to reflect. Do we know what can go wrong, do we know what systems we have in place to prevent things from happening and do we understand how these systems work and how the human interact with those systems.
Our Instruments
Cultural challenge sessions
How well are you aware of your personal cultural biases and the effect these have on safety?
We provide provoking simulations & training to challenge the awareness and provide practical advise on how to deal with the outcome.

Culture & Bowtie workshops
The bowtie method allows you to understand the relation and effect of human factors. Human factors are often part of the performance or failure modes of barriers. Failure modes are represented as escalation factors in the bowtie diagram. If you understand the failure modes, then you know what kind of activities a company needs to undertake to prevent these failure modes from actually compromising the barriers.

Cultural Safety Leadership
Safe l​​​​​​eadership is essential for a safe organisation.
We provide insights in the leadership behaviour and how this impact the safe(ty) culture within the organisation. Personal, specific and to the point.

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