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Safety management has a long history with a proven track record.
The logical next step for safety management is to focus on the most unpredictable factor within safety: Human Behaviour. 
Culture Based Safety Management (CBSM) puts the human and not the process at the heart of safety management.

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Are you interested in understanding and improving the physical, social and psychological safety for your organisation ?

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We believe in building Safe(ty) Culture together. For that we select partners with various different expertise, industries and geographical locations.
Are you interested in adding Culture Based Safety Management to your existing safety consultancy offerings ?​​​​​​​

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About Coconut Blue
Organisations and teams are like “Coconuts”.  Hard on the outside, hard to crack; they reveal little information on how people really work.
But once you’re in and understand the "unwritten rules of the social game", it feels soft and juicy.  

“Blue” evokes a sense of calmness, trust, and safety. 

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